Best Foods for Increasing Platelet Counts

Platelet count is very much necessary for your body and that is the reason the disease gets inside the body if the blood count is less. You just have to ensure that you eat good food. So, how will you eat good food if you are vegetarian then follow the diet such that you don’t have rooms for the diseases to enter about food increase platelet count.  Below are the best foods for increasing platelet counts

Papaya and Papaya Leaf

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It is very good to consume papaya if the blood platelet levels are low for you. Besides from eating the fruit, you can drink a concoction that is made from the papaya leaves that will help in increasing the blood platelet count.


The Pomegranate is rich with the nutrients that have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting properties. So, this confirmed that fruit will help in increasing the platelet count that can prevent the risk of diseases. Even you can add the fruit to salads, smoothies and breakfast bowls.


Pumpkin is very rich in vitamin A that helps to support the development of platelets and even will generate the proteins which are produced by the body cells. So, the protein cells are very important in increasing the number of platelets in the blood. Even you can add the vegetable for the baked goods, smoothies, soups.

Vitamin C-rich foods

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It has been said that the frequent intake of foods is rich in vitamin C which helps in improving the platelet production in the body. Vitamin C is a good anti-oxidant and higher doses of the vitamin will prevent the risk of diseases and improves the platelets count.

Indian Gooseberries

This fruit is known as the amla where it considered effective in increasing the count of platelets and even helps in boosting the immune system. So, Indian Gooseberries is known as the food increase platelet count. Also, this is considered a diet for patients with fewer platelets count.

The above-mentioned food increase platelet count can help the people who are down with fewer platelets and recover them quickly. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best foods for increasing platelet counts. Thanks for reading!

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