Best Home Remedies for Chest Pain due to Gas

Chest pain due to gas will occur regularly to people because of problems like heartburn, food intolerance and food poisoning where they will experience the pain for a longer period. But people think that it is related to heart and start visiting doctors for their help without thinking much. However, the pain in chest due to gas can be treated at home that can help with the natural remedies which can cure faster without taking any prescribed medicines suggested by the doctors. Below are the best home remedies for chest pain due to gas.

Cold Pack

A common issue where the chest pain cause is the muscle strain where a person can have some pain in the chest which is due to strain from exercise, other activities. Then, in that case, putting the ice packs around that area can help in reducing the swelling and stop the pain.

Baking Soda

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The ideal option for the chest pain is by adding baking soda to warm or cool water which can help in reducing the acid in the stomach if it is causing any pain. Even, baking soda can be a good treatment for chest pain which can give instant relief.


The Garlic is preferred as an ideal treatment for the pain in chest due to gas. So, the people can mix a clove or two of minced garlic with a glass of warm milk. Also, people can chew the garlic pieces that can give maximum benefit to them instead of drinking it.

Apple cider Vinegar

This can be another home remedy that can help in dealing with gas. People can drink before or after a meal that may prevent gas in the stomach. But this remedy doesn’t work always.

Turmeric Milk

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Turmeric milk can be a good option for releasing the gas which is caused due to pain in the chest. Take teaspoon turmeric that can be mixed with the warm milk and this should be drunk before bed to get rid of the pain.

The above-mentioned methods are the ideal ways of getting rid of pain in chest due to gas without consulting any doctor and taking natural remedies at home. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best home remedies for chest pain due to gas. Thanks for reading!


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