Best Yoga Techniques for Breathing

In yoga, we can use different kinds of breathing techniques for performing different postures and get benefits. We don’t breathe the same way of getting energy and stamina than to calm down and relax. The pairing of a yoga posture and the right kind of breath is both science and art.  So, it can take a lot of practice and technique to perfect and get the correct kind of breathing. Also, yoga breathing techniques will help in mental health problems whenever we are suffering from it. Below are the best yoga techniques for breathing.

Ujjayi Pranayama to Energize

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Ujjayi Pranayama will help in energizing the kind of breath where the air goes in and out through the nose. You can slightly constrict the air passage at your throat by producing an oceanic sound as you can breathe. Ujjayi Breath can be performed by engaging the abs and draw your navel where your chest gets expanded and contracts as you can breathe where your belly stays contracted.

Dirga Pranayama to Relax

Dirga Pranayama or complete breath is the calming breath where the air goes in and out through the nose. You can start by letting your belly relax completely as you inhale you can fill up your belly first then fill up the lower part of your chest and finally fill the upper chest. So, once you are completely full then you can start exhaling by releasing your upper chest then your lower chest.  Also, Dirga Pranayama will help your nervous system calm down. This method will help in yoga breathing techniques.

Kapalabhatti Pranayama to Cleanse

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Kapalabhatti Pranayama is known as skull shining breath which helps in the cleansing breath where the air goes in and out through the same passage through nose and mouth. So, it is a short, quick style of breathing where the focus is on the exhalation that is short and forceful. When you are trying to push the air out of your belly as fast as possible by contracting your abs. Once you force the breath out, simply let the inhalation happen naturally.

The above-mentioned methods will help in yoga breathing techniques where you can practice the exercise for our health purpose. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best yoga techniques for breathing.

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